Zend Framework 2 – How to Create A New Project

Update: Try the new tutorial here.

There has been lots of confusion with new Zend Framework 2 lately. The manual on Zend Framework‘s website is horrible (in terms of beginner manual and documentation) and is designed for advanced user’s with Zend Framework 1 extensive experience.

Many user’s are still unable to create a first basic folder structure to begin using Zend Framework 2 library. The initial example is provided here. I’m going to break it down for you  guys.

(Note: This instruction guide assumes you have successfully installed Zend Framework 2 and its library. Also, this instruction guide uses EasyPHP 5.4.6)

Step 1: Download the Zend Framework Skeleton Application from here. Secondly, extract the files into your root (www) localhost folder and rename the folder to anything you want. I will call it “zend_project1”.
This file provides you with all the necessary files to create your basic folder structure.

Step 2: Open your Terminal. (In Windows 7, click Start and in the search box type “cmd” (no quotes),  and click cmd.exe.

Step 3: Once opened, use the “cd” command to navigate to the folder where you extracted   your zip file you downloaded in step 1. My command looks like this “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\easy_php\www\zend_project1”. You should be inside the folder now and your line in Terminal should resemble this “C:\Program Files (x86)\easy_php\www\zend_project1”

Step 4: Now type this command, “php composer.phar self-update” and press Enter.

Step 5: Type another command, “php composer.phar install”. This will create your directories for basic skeleton application.

That’s all. Now, open your browser and navigate to your localhost and zend_project1/public folder (mine looks like this: You should see this website. If you do, then every step has been successfully completed.

18 thoughts on “Zend Framework 2 – How to Create A New Project

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  3. parth vora

    when i run “php composer.phar self-update” command in cmd, i got error like ‘php’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

      1. Gireesh


        When i run “Php composer.phar self-update” command in cmd, i receive the error as below.

        “Fatal Error: Class Phar not found in C:\Apsrv\www\site\composer.phar on line 13”

        Could you please guid me on this.

        Thank you

  4. Ciekawa lista

    Fantastic post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

  5. Mostafa

    Nice tutorial. I really appreciate such nicely simplified tutorial. I searched the whole Zend site, bought a book, still was unable to begin the action.Thanks very much.


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